• More than just a fragrance, discover your newest statement piece. Our stunning Gallery Collection helps you effortlessly keeps your large spaces beaut

  • This week is World Wellbeing Week. At Candalia, we always try to prioritise well-being in our fragrance selection, our work culture and our own person

  • Matcha & Mindfulness: A Match(a) Made In Heaven One thing our founder, Alia Shah, cannot do without is her Matcha Green Tea. Alia loves creating m

  • The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. There is a strong connection between aromas, memories and emotions as our olfactory sen

  • Did you know scents can help increase happiness? Fragrance helps send signals to our limbic system, the part of our brain that controls memory and emo

  • At Candalia, we were founded on the basis of enhancing well-being and to consistently promote positivity and improving our mental health. We recently

  • Fragrance has always been something I have been fascinated about and it has always been my dream to create a collection of fragrances to share with th

  • A little play on words, candle and my name (Alia), Candalia has always been a dream of mine. Inspired by my love of travel, fragrance and design, the