Our Fragrances

Jasmine Fleur

A beautiful gentle breeze of pure and delicate jasmine flowers basks in the sunshine of high summer. The zesty magnolia and orange blossom notes enhance the smooth and creamy petals of jasmine and stocks, whilst the citrus top notes of neroli and bergamot add depth to this delightful fragrance.

Oud Rose

Opulent notes of treasured oud are wrapped around a backdrop of Persian rose petals, vetiver and raspberry. The blend of rose is completed by a note of soothing cedarwood and a patchouli base, providing an all-time favourite scent with a heady exotic twist.

Spring Bouquet

A refreshing and beautifully fresh floral fragrance to heighten the senses. Harnessing notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and wisteria the fragrance is finished with a delicately balanced blend of white tea and ylang ylang.

Velvet Rouge

Relax in the warming top notes of pink pepper, cardamom, armoise, thyme and frankincense for an indulgent aroma. Touches of pomegranate, apple, plum and raspberry are superbly combined with hints of lemon, lime clove, patchouli and lily of the valley. This mesmerising combination is complemented by amber, tobacco and a cedarwood base to add warmth to fragrance.

Soie Lavande

Delicate soft layers of lavender are enriched with lily of the valley, white tea and a sprinkle of crushed vanilla for a fragrance with a calming touch.

Fleur d’ Oranger

Aromatic orange blossom is mixed with notes of Mediterranean rosemary and basil, which falls delicately onto a base of cedarwood, oakmoss and mixed woods to provide a classic fruity scent with added depth.

Oud & Bois de Santal

A stunning combination of intoxicating Arabian oud, Indian sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood. These beautiful top notes are enriched by strong scents of Italian bergamot and softened on a bed of intense eastern musk.