How Scents Help – The Wellbeing Edit

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. There is a strong connection between aromas, memories and emotions as our olfactory senses are linked to the parts of the brain which control our memory and emotions.

Because of this link, what we smell has a huge psychological impact on us. According to Stephen Warrenburn of Oxford University, “an aroma can significantly promote stress reduction and improve mood”. This is because when you smell something nice, it stimulates your olfactory senses, which then sends a message to the brain to relax.

Our fragrances at Candalia are made with the finest ingredients to help enhance your well-being.

With each scent, we aim to add positivity into your homes, and here’s a few tips how:

Is there something keeping you up at night? Our Soie Lavande is the perfect scent to help you sleep: 

Soie Lavande

Lavender is a universally soothing fragrance with calming effects. It helps improve your mood and reduces feelings of nervousness while also inducing a sense of calm. It is often used to help people unwind, relax, helps improve your sleep quality and enables restful sleep.

Our Soie Lavande was created to help prioritise mindful moments of a good self-care routine which essential with our hectic pace of modern life. The calming notes of lavender, fresh lily of the valley and earthy white tea instantly helps your mind and body relax.

Overwhelmed, stressed and need a little break? Transport yourself to faraway shores with Oud Rose:  

Oud Rose

Due to its balancing properties, rose has a relaxing effect on most people. Rose oil reduces blood pressure, heart rates, cortisol levels and blood oxygen levels, this all helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Added on with Oud, a soothing, calming warmth, our Oud Rose is the perfect dream. Inspired by the exotic desert landscape and the mystique of the Middle East, this fragrance takes you to faraway shores without leaving the comfort of your home.

Are your energy levels low? Rejuvenate, wake up and energise your mind with Fleur D’Oranger

Fleur D’oranger

Fun and playful, fruity and floral fragrances are energising in nature. Citruses and zesty scents often have an uplifting effect on your mood and florals  helps ease stress, induce positivity and enhances creative energy. Olfactory psychologists state “the smell of flowers stimulate our brain to create dopamine, the natural happiness chemical, along with triggering memories”.

Our uplifting Fleur D’Oranger was created to help brighten your home and your mood no matter the season. Imagine walking through a sun-drenched citrus grove, with a bounty of fresh fruits ripe for the picky. Notes of floral orange blossom are balanced by fragrant rosemary and basil, with an addition of musk for a smooth finish. How refreshing!

 Finally, we all need something to keep us feeling strong, reassured and grounded, and warm and woody fragrance like Oud & Bois de Santal will do just the trick.  

 Oud & Bois de Santal

Woody fragrances are known to give you that lovely, cocooned feeling. As it helps you feel calm and collected, these scents ground you, keeps you deeply rooted and helps tap into your inner strength.

Our Oud & Bois de Santal is a mesmerising fragrance that fills any room with the same bold, refined presence you might expect from a charming gentleman. Rich and complex, it boasts notes of musky Arabian oudh, Indian sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood that feel distinguished but not overbearing. Traces of lemon and juniper berry ensure a delicately balanced finish.

What fragrances do you use to help get you through the day? 

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