Partnering For Purpose

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, our founder, Alia ensured that every Candalia product boasted the finest natural ingredients. The team dedicated ample time to sourcing recyclable and reusable components for their candles, aligning with Candalia’s ethos of living a more sustainable life and giving back to the Earth.

In the dynamic landscape of environmental consciousness, Candalia remains vigilant, holding onto a mission to live sustainably and make a positive impact on the planet.



In perfect harmony with our pledge to plant, protect, and restore blue carbon ecosystems globally, the collaboration between SeaTrees and Candalia presents an opportunity for you to enhance your well-being while contributing to the betterment of our planet.


With every Candalia purchase, you play a role in supporting the Bali Coral Reef Restoration Project initiated by SeaTrees. This project focuses on the restoration of degraded coral reefs on Nusa Penida Island, contributing significantly to coastal protection, scientific research, medication, fishing, eco-tourism, and more. Moreover, your support creates employment opportunities for local villagers, generating 20 jobs and sustaining 12 families.


Transport yourself to Indonesia’s enchanting shores with the Ocean Suede candle from our #CandaliaxSeaTrees collaboration. Each purchase directly contributes to the Bali Coral Reef Restoration Project, facilitating the planting of new corals, protecting, and regenerating our ocean’s precious ecosystems.

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