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Candalia - Princess Magazine September 20

September 2020

Fragrantly Floral

Soie Lavande and Oud Rose Aromas for the home from Candalia

Passionate about delivering beautifully aromatic fragrances for the home, Candalia’s range of candles and diffusers is inspired by a love of travel. Bursting with carefully considered flora and spice from around the world, each scent is meticulously considered to build an ambiance that enhances wellbeing.

Forming part of Candalia’s collection of luxury home fragrances are the wonderfully floral Soie Lavande and Oud Rose. Offering homeowners peaceful aromas and delicate floral delights, each fragrance is designed to complement the home.

Oud Rose

Opulent notes of treasured oud are wrapped around a backdrop of Persian rose petals, vetiver and raspberry. Complemented by a note of soothing cedarwood, the blend of rose is completed with a patchouli base to provide a heady and exotic twist to this classic scent.

Soie Lavande

Soft delicate layers of lavender enriched with pretty lily of the valley, white tea and a touch of sweet crushed vanilla result in a fragrance with a calming floral touch.

Hand poured using 100% natural wax, each candle and complementing reed diffuser made by Candalia is created from the finest sustainable materials to ensure wonderfully long lasing aromatic fragrance for the home.


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