Oud & Bois de Santal Candle


Effortless elegance and a sophisticated aura, Candalia Deluxe elevates every space. Filled with stunning scents, truly enhancing the power of fragrance to create desirable and harmonious aromas for your home.

The mesmerising fragrance of Oud & Bois de Santal will fill any room with the same bold, refined presence you might expect from a charming gentleman. Rich and complex, it boasts notes of musky Arabian oudh, Indian sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood that feel distinguished but not overbearing. Traces of lemon and juniper berry ensure a delicately balanced finish.

  • Fill weight: 220grms
  • Burn time: approximately 45 hours (220grms)
  • Wick: 1
  • Wax: 100% natural wax
  • 100% Natural Wax icon.
  • Sustainable Packaging icon.
  • 100% Recyclable Jar icon.
  • Reusable icon.
  • Lead-Free Wick icon.