Oud Rose Gallery Diffuser


A luxurious Arabian adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. Experience the beautiful blend of persian rose, earthy cedarwood, and warm amber. An invigorating and elegant scent – capturing the perfect dream.

Effortlessly keep your large spaces beautifully scented for up to 15 months with our stunning oversize diffusers. More than just a fragrance, it is a statement piece. Packaged in their own beautiful signature boxes – an impressive giftable moment. These luxury diffusers are also excellent for hotel receptions, spas, and showrooms.

All our diffusers are 100% alcohol free and use 20% fragrance oil, ensuring a strong fragrance throw and long-lasting scent.

  • Fill weight: 1000ml
  • Usage: approx. 15 months
  • Specification: 100% Alcohol Free
  • Sustainable Packaging icon.
  • 100% Recyclable Jar icon.
  • Reusable icon.