Soie Lavande Diffuser


A mind-melting blend of lavender, lily of the valley and white tea. Lavender is famed for its ability to send even the most active of minds to sleep, which is why this scent makes for the perfect companion to an evening spent winding down after a long day or week.

Alongside calming, sensual lavender are notes of lily of the valley and white tea which give the overall fragrance an element of freshness, while crushed vanilla and musk lend a sense of consoling familiarity. Think of it like your olfactory comfort blanket.

  • Fill weight: 200ml
  • Usage: approx. 8-10 weeks
  • Specification: 100% Alcohol Free
  • 100% Natural Wax icon.
  • Sustainable Packaging icon.
  • Reusable icon.