Soie Lavande Gallery Diffuser


Disconnect from the hectic pace of modern life and find your mindful moments in the beautiful lavender fields in the South of France. Let notes of calming lavender, fresh lily of the valley and soothing vanilla help you unwind. A blend to energise, relax and balance the mind and mood.

Effortlessly keep your large spaces beautifully scented for up to 15 months with our stunning oversize diffusers. More than just a fragrance, it is a statement piece. Packaged in their own beautiful signature boxes – an impressive giftable moment. These luxury diffusers are also excellent for hotel receptions, spas, and showrooms.

All our diffusers are 100% alcohol free and use 20% fragrance oil, ensuring a strong fragrance throw and long-lasting scent.

  • Fill weight: 1000ml
  • Usage: approx. 15 months
  • Specification: 100% Alcohol Free
  • Sustainable Packaging icon.
  • 100% Recyclable Jar icon.
  • Reusable icon.