Warm and Cosy Gift Box


A box perfect for those cosy nights in.

Enjoy a quick spritz of our room spray for a quick fix or light our beautiful 100% natural wax candle for hours of stunning aroma.

Discover the layered and complex Pomegranate & Pink Pepper Room Spray, the perfectly balanced blend of spicy, fruity, floral and woody notes. From the nose-tickling blend of pink pepper, cardamom, armoise, thyme and frankincense to the fruity mix of pomegranate, apple, plum and raspberry, you will adore this artfully blended warm and cosy aroma.

Pair with our soothing Soie Lavande, let notes of calming lavender, fresh lily of the valley and earthy white tea wash over you as you instantly feel your mind and body relax. It is the perfect way to enhance the soothing effects of a warm bath, deep breathing or your daily yoga practice.

For all day, effortless scenting, our exotic and luxurious Oud Rose Diffuser enhances any space. Inspired by the exotic desert landscape and mystique of the Middle East, the Oud Rose fragrance will take you on a luxurious Arabian adventure without leaving the comfort of your home. Infused with aromatic spices, it has notes of Persian rose balanced by earthy cedarwood and warm amber – the perfect dream.

All packed in our luxurious Candalia gift box. Perfect for treating yourself or spoiling a loved one.

What you receive:

  • 100% Natural Wax icon.
  • Sustainable Packaging icon.
  • 100% Recyclable Jar icon.
  • Reusable icon.