Scents and Happiness :)

Did you know scents can help increase happiness? Fragrance helps send signals to our limbic system, the part of our brain that controls memory and emotion. We love celebrating all things fragrance that brings absolute joy to our lives!

Our happiest scent? Definitely Fleur d’Oranger!

Notes of floral orange blossom balanced by fragrance rosemary and basil, you will feel like you are being led through sun-drenched citrus groves, with a bounty of fresh fruits ripe for picking. It is uplifting and will brighten any space (and your mood) no matter the season.

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A scent to stimulate and energise? Try Pomegranate & Pink Pepper.

Layered and complex, it is a perfect balance of spicy, fruity, floral and woody notes. You are first treated to a light and exotic blend of pick peppercorn, cardamom, armoise, thyme and frankincense, which is then followed by a fruity mix of pomegranate, apple, plum and raspberry. Lemon, lime and lily of the valley also add a welcoming freshness whilst at the base lies amber, tobacco and cedarwood. Artfully blended, it is an exotic scent that you will not be able to get enough of.

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Something to brighten your day up? Enjoy Pear & Freesia.

Our Pear & Freesia candle will transport you to a lush, abundant garden situated in England’s quaint countryside, surrounded by acres of sprawling woodland. The inviting aroma is blended with balanced notes of citrusy grapefruit, earthy musk and woody patchouli that will brighten up any day or transport you to a botanical dream. Light it to instantly add a touch of warmth and charm to your home.

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At Candalia, we have created all our fragrances with love and care, making sure all ingredients are safe for you, your friends & family and your pets. Our candles are made with 100% natural wax and our diffusers and room sprays are free of alcohol. This way, you can enjoy your beautifully scented space worry free.