World Wellbeing Week

This week is World Wellbeing Week. At Candalia, we always try to prioritise well-being in our fragrance selection, our work culture and our own personal lives.

Today our team is here to share 3 well-being tips that help us maintain a healthy work-life balance:

1. Start your day with a mindful moment.

It is so important to find a few moments a day to clear you mind. Take a few moments in the morning to light a wonderfully scented candle, for those who prefer to journal – jot down your feelings, goals and what you’re grateful for and start your day with a few minutes of mindful breathwork.

We love starting our day with Fleur D’Oranger to uplift and brighten our room.

2. Enjoy a bit of movement every day.

Quite a few of us sit in front of a desk all day. Oftentimes, at the end of a day, we end up feeling sluggish, uninspired and in desperate need of a refresh. We have currently been enjoying going on a walk outdoors, practising Yoga or Pilates every day to rejuvenate our minds and bodies even if it is just a 10 minute session. Movement really helps us shift that sluggish feeling and we always feel so great after even if we may not feel like doing it at times.

Our current go-to is a quick spritz of Soie Lavande before yoga practise and to always have a Soie Lavande diffuser in the room to help us reset.

3. Self-care and pampering before bed.

Whether it is a skin-care routine, meditating or a face mask and your favourite book, we have been loving a bit of pampering time before we sleep. This helps our body relax and reminds our minds that it is time to unwind. Try lighting a candle before bedtime whilst you are doing your nightly rituals.

We have been enjoying a skincare and meditation routine with Tonka Bean & Patchouli – warm and cosy, a great ending to a productive day.

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