Interview with @candalia_London

1. Can you tell us more about your beginnings as the owner of Candalia?

It all started whilst on holiday in Dubai when my husband asked me my projects for the new year. I told him that I would love to start my own Home Fragrance brand with a line of three candles and diffusers.
In my head I had the vision of the brand logo and how I wanted the products to look simple, yet truly beautiful and timeless – I now have a line of seven fragrances of candles and diffusers.
I wanted the quality of the ingredients of the fragrances to have the highest degree of luxury with the wax to be 100% natural.
Each fragrance has a unique and distinctive composition – flowery, fruity and earthy tones.

2. Why I set up the brand?

I have always appreciated beauty – which is everywhere around us and I have a real passion for home décor and interiors, design and fashion. I wanted to launch my own collection of fragrances to compliment a room exuding luxury and style.
I spent a long time perfecting the packaging to create a top of the range beautiful and sustainable product.

3. What inspired me?

The inspiration came from a combination of my love for travel, art, fashion, my family and lifestyle – I also wanted the fragrances to represent me.
I like that the fragrances can sit alongside the home as accessories, as each fragrance tells a story.

4. How have I found starting up a new business?

I am a multi-tasking modern woman, planning and being organised is a big part of my diary.
I would say one of the most challenging aspects was creating the right team behind Candalia – It has been a very exciting yet challenging journey. I like to be a hands-on boss, my own style is very approachable, warm and detail orientated. I love working with my team – as I value input.

5. Any insider information? Tips lessons learnt?

  • The importance of quality and attention to detail is key.
  • To value customer relationships.
  • The rise of digital and social media brings customers closer to the Candalia brand – easier to connect and engage.
  • My brain is always on a creative drive – I can think up an idea in the middle of the night or at a crazy hour in the morning.
  • Always be attentive to changes in your environment in order to stay current.
  • I have always drawn inspiration from my travels – I love experiencing new cultures, trying local foods and admiring architecture.
  • A good work life balance is key – My family are my biggest priority when I am with them.
  • At Candalia we love learning from our customers and providing what they want.
  • Most of all to enjoy what you do – I simply love what I do – it is a dream come true for me.

Alia Shah, Founder & Director Candalia.uk